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It’s Happening

My name is Felix Dietz. I have worked a lot of different jobs in my life. Apart from selling Ice cream at the beach, working as an instructor and life guard in a climbing park, doing promotion jobs on university campuses and waiting tables, I am a trained travel guide for Amsterdam and Prague, a certified bartender and rescue diver, a registered insurance broker, and a studied software developer and agile coach. So I guess I had my fair share when it comes to trying out stuff. With some of it I had a lot of fun. Some of it I hated. I learned what I am passionate about and what I don’t want to end up doing for the rest of my life. Though very different in nature, all the jobs I had, all the work I did had one thing in common.

Whatever I Did – Every Time I Worked For Someone Else


I am tired of that. I want to do my own thing. Have my own company. With blackjack and hookers. Where business runs my way and where I am fully responsible for anything that fails. Where there’s no politics, no endless discussions, no asking for permission, no-one to hold me back and no-one to tell me how to do my job. No-one to take my hand and prevent me from making my own mistakes.

It’s Time


Today I am starting to build my company. My own brand. My own life. This blog is dedicated to exactly that. It will be my little journal. My hub of reflection. My space where I write shit down. Where I document my life.

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