This is the third part of the Farbraum series. If you haven’t done so, read part 1 and part 2 to get the whole picture.

Step By Step

Our Farbraum slowly but surely evolves from a construction site to a beautiful studio. Every day I see more and more, where the journey is headed and I cannot wait to open our doors and let people see the finished work for the first time. Fan girl style. Anyways. Here’s week 3:

Farbraum Berlin – Timelapse 02

So liebe Leute, es wird konkreter. Bevor wir uns ab morgen dann dem neuen Fußboden widmen, haben wir das Wochenende genutzt um noch eine Schippe Sexyness draufzupacken. Aber seht einfach selbst. #farbraum #staytuned

Gepostet von Farbraum Berlin am Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

Wainscoting Galore

A big chunk of this week was spent on wainscoting the main room in our studio. Since we will be playing with dark woods and curves furniture wise, we wanted to give the walls enough structure to complement the whole arrangement. Especially Michèl loves the vibe wainscoting gives to a room. This countryside flair, like you’re on in old colonial farm house in the middle of nowhere, sitting on the porch and listening to your favorite tune while watching over the fields. Add that our feisty walls and you get a very sexy image. I must say, after seeing the end result I now see what he meant when he said: ‘We definitely need that! Trust me.’ I trust you, you beautiful bastard.

Dust To Dust

We also sanded off and painted our small staircase that leads from the main room to the rest of the studio. Although being an awful dust fest I am so glad we went through it. When we came here for the first time the stairs were covered by an ass-ugly greenish carpet. Now it’s 3 sexy white wooden steps that perfectly blend with the wainscoting, ready to be decorated and eager to pose for future photographers.

This weeks highlight was something different, though. We had our first (unofficial) guests. Two very well known photographers and an influencer marketer spontaneously visited us. We chatted, exchanged stories, talked about our vision and future plans, and laughed a lot while sipping on the occasional beer. What a night. Thank you guys! You’re always welcome.

The Second Centerpiece

As you know by now, we’re always on the hunt for these special pieces that will give the whole studio that splash of character. Details make good stories great. The same goes for interior design. It’s the little things that leave the biggest impression. This weeks centerpiece falls exactly in that category. Easily overseen and yet the center of attraction, this old typewriter fits perfectly into the whole picture. I can already see people instantly focusing on it when entering the room. And the best thing: It’s in perfect shape and completely functional. I’m looking forward to write my first book with that beauty.

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