This is the second part of the Farbraum series. If you haven’t done so, read part 1 to get the whole picture.

Let it Rain

This week at Farbraum was a perfect example of Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And no matter how well you are prepared, it will never come as expected. Life has its way of shoving stupid, unnecessary shit into your throat while constantly reminding you of what an asshole it is. We are drowning in sorrow. Literally. Berlin experienced the rain of the century this week. For three days in a row it rained up to 130 liters/m². The streets were flooded, buses filled up with water and whole subway stations drowned. The city was in chaos and the government declared a state of emergency. No shit. The worst thing? The roof over our studio is leaking. The water came in everywhere. The walls are wet, the floor is ruined and if we’re really lucky, restorations will take a long time and we cannot hold the planned timeline. Anyways. Here’s week 2.

Painting More Walls

Despite Life telling us to fuck ourselves we managed to get at least something done. We finished painting the walls. Our goal was to create a blend between rough, industrial chic and trashy casual and I have to say the result looks sexy. We managed to create a canvas that oozes this special ‘I don’t give a shit’-attitude without wanting to be the center of attention. Like a snotty Berlin kid that knows when to shut up and let the real players shine. Up close it reveals an incredible amount of detail and structure but once you take one or two steps away it will seamlessly blend into the background to highlight anything – or anyone – standing in front of it. Beautiful.

painted walls


Financial Advice

Then there was our small road trip to Leipzig to meet with a financial advisor. Michèl and I talked about our business plan and what we want to achieve, how to get the best possible starting conditions, and what to look out for in the weeks to come. It was a lot of information to take in and I will definitely have to let everything sink in more. All in all the trip was very well worth it and I believe we can benefit from that knowledge transfer in the future. For now we have laid out our next steps: Writing company contracts, registering our company and setting everything in place for us to succeed.

The New Logo

One reason why I enjoy working with Michèl is that whenever we’re in a room together, this room becomes an idea generating powerhouse. Granted, we talk a lot of bullshit and throw away 99% of everything we come up with, because let’s face it: Most ideas are crap. But the way we work the 1% together is pure magic. So while we were on our trip to Leipzig we discussed our logo. What should it be, how should it look like, what message should it convey? In everything we do we strive for simplicity. With our studio we’re inevitably entering the world of fashion, style, and high class photography. Our logo should reflect that. It should be clean, elegant, and straightforward yet immediately recognizable while complementing our name. So we came up with a primary text logo on the one hand and two interchangeable  images (used for social media and where text is not appropriate). Frankly, I am very happy with the results.

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