Finding a Studio

We’ve actually been looking for an affordable venue for our Farbraum since February. The challenge was to find a studio in the center of Berlin with a good enough layout for an affordable price. If you have looked for a flat within the past years you probably know that the real estate market in Berlin is a mess. We had to search for only 6 months until we found something that we both liked. I guess we can count ourselves amongst the lucky ones.

But lo and behold – Here it is. Our first venue that wants to be a fully fledged studio when it’s grown up.

studio layout

Studio Layout

Talking to the Landlords

The negotiations with our landlords were surprisingly pleasant and I look forward to working together with them. We’re lucky to be able to be renting directly from the owners rather than having to deal with a proxy agency. After some research we found out that they also rent to big clients such as the TV station RTL. That’s probably the reason why everything went quicker than we expected and we could move in within less than a week after signing the contracts. This is how you do professional real estate.

Starting Renovations

So now we’re sitting in our newly acquired venue. Foreplay is over. Let the real work begin. This week we started scraping off wallpapers. This is literally the most time consuming part of renovations. It took us 3 fucking days just to get rid of 3 walls worth of wallpaper. And don’t you dare coming with smartass comments like ‘Oh you should have wallpaper removers’ or ‘Did you make the walls wet before you started? My dad used to say-‘ Shut up. We tried everything. Nothing worked. Nothing but scraping your ass off.
Oh and we also managed to apply the first coat of paint. Yay!

Puh! Das erste Wochenende ist vorbei und wir haben schon einiges geschafft. Wir möchten an dieser Stelle anmerken, dass Tapeten uns ab heute kreuzweise können. Doch woran arbeiten wir denn nun genau? Es bleibt spannend!In diesem Sinne. Gute Nacht.

Gepostet von Farbraum Berlin am Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

Finding the First Centerpiece

The biggest challenge we’re facing right now is the interior. We want the studio to feel like home. The most intimate place of our lives. The place where we retreat from our daily lives, where we feel most comfortable. At the same time we don’t want the studio to feel like YOUR home. It needs to be special. It needs to make you feel homesick while you’re sitting in your own flat looking at pictures of the studio. We need amazing centerpieces that tell a story on their own and let your imagination run wild. The thing is – We only have a limited budget so it also needs to be affordable.

With that in mind we have found our very first centerpiece. A beautiful Chesterfield sofa that screams for attention while at the same time being subtle and grounded. A masterful mix of self esteem and humility. I am sure you want to have a look at it right now! But since I want to tease you I’ll leave you with a sneak peak for now. Sue me.

chesterfield sofa

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